Located in Marinha Grande, probably the region with the highest concentration of activities related to the mold and plastic industry, allowing enhance energies by establishing appropriate partnerships to each project.

Inject Form, founded in 2003, bases its activity on providing a highly professional service in the area of Mold Testing and plastic injection.

Certified under ISO 9001:2015 and implementing IATF 16949, and recognized by reference customers of the automotive industry according to VDA 6.3, Inject-Form bets heavily on qualification in order to be able to stand out in the markets.

Our main goal is to provide our customers a high quality service, competitive prices and terms, and above all become a reference supplier in Plastic Injection for the Automotive Sector, pharmaceutical, electronic and various utilities.


The Inject-Form Mission relies on providing its customers with services and high quality products, competitive prices and deadlines, fulfilling the contractual terms assumed with them, reflecting a high added value offer and highly differentiated, where full customer satisfaction is the top priority.


Our Vision is that, “increasingly, customers are seeking suppliers that guarantee integrated products and services, of high quality, ensuring compliance with the deadlines, equipped with the best technologies that enable them to a more rigorous production and that emphasize professionalism and business confidentiality”.

With the Inject-Form located in the region of Marinha Grande, heavily industrialized by technologically advanced companies in the production of molds and plastic injection, the company believes that, in the future, the abovementioned requirement placed by its customers will continue to promote the demand for these highly qualified suppliers in the region.


Quality Policy

The Inject-Form, Lda. main activity is the Import, Export, Manufacture and Commercialization of Plastics and Molds.

The Inject-Form, Lda. management considers essential the orientation of the company by the following principles:

  1. Total Customer Satisfaction, by the quality of products/services provided;
  2. Customer loyalty, through the: price/quality ratio, quality of products and services provided, diversity of solutions, customer monitoring and availability for collaboration with customers;
  3. Monitoring of the market technological developments in which it operates, in order to be equipped with “know-how” to present innovative solutions;
  4. Perform all activities according to the legal conditions, regulations and standards in force;
  5. Train and inform their employees, in order to promote their constant motivation, qualification and update, for the fulfillment of this policy and defined goals for Quality;
  6. Continuously improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System;

In this sense, Inject Form, Lda constantly motivates its employees, periodically reviews its Quality Management System in the search for opportunities for improvement and establishes measurable annual goals for each principle of its policy.

The goals are established at the beginning of each year in the Management review meeting.